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Our Principado Day Center is the only day center for seniors located in Corvera de Asturias, and is also located just a few kilometers from Avilés.

We have more than 15 years of experience in the sector and the best qualified professionals, experts in dementia, Alzheimer's and cognitive impairment, who develop effective therapies in terms of preserving the physical and mental health of our elderly. Likewise, we have our own physiotherapists, podiatrists, doctor, therapist and psychologist. We have our own kitchen and transportation service.

If you have an elderly family member who might be interested in coming to our center, do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Familiar Respite

    Family respite provides a break for caregivers while experts care for their loved ones, ensuring quality care and well-being for all

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  • Prior Assessment

    Prior assessment is crucial to designing personalized therapies that address the unique needs of each individual, thus maximizing positive outcomes in their well-being and health.

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  • 24h Medic

    We have a 24-hour medical service. to carry out individualized monitoring of the evolution of each resident

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  • Fisiotherapy and rehabilitation

    We have the optional physiotherapy and rehabilitation service

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  • Gerontogymnastics

    Gerontogymnastics are gentle exercises for older people, focused on flexibility and balance, promoting active and healthy aging.

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  • Medication administration

    Administration of medication to elderly people requires meticulous attention to ensure correct dosage and avoid negative interactions with other medications,

  • Kitchen

    Own kitchen service with special diets according to medical prescription

  • Continuous hydration

    We keep our residents in continuous hydration which is very important for health

What do we offer you?

  • The only day center in Corvera. 
  • Excellent location.
  • More than 15 years of experience in the sector. 
  • Own doctor, therapist and psychologist.
  • Pioneer therapy in Asturias for dementia.
  • “rehabilitation” and “family respite”.
  • Own kitchen.
  • Open every day of the year.
  • Extensive hours.

Our Services

Discover the wide variety of services that we offer you at the Principado day center

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