24 Hour Medic

Continuous 24-hour medical care at the Principado day center guarantees constant monitoring of patients' health. This ensures quick responses to any medical needs, providing peace of mind and security to participants and their families.

Prior assessment and personalized therapy

Prior assessment is crucial to designing personalized therapies that address the unique needs of each individual, thus maximizing positive outcomes in their well-being and health.


Daily follow up

The daily monitoring of an elderly person in a residence includes supervision and care of their basic needs, as well as monitoring their health and well-being. Every day we carry out personalized monitoring of each resident and inform their family members.

Some of the activities that can be carried out during daily monitoring are:

  • Checking and recording vital signs.
  • Medication control.
  • Feeding.
  • Personal hygiene.
  • Daily life activities.

Checkup, Record of Vital Signs and Medication Control

It is important to keep a daily record of vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse and temperature to detect any health problems that may arise.

The elderly may have several medications to take at different times of the day, so ensure that they take the correct amount of medication and at the right time.


Food and Personal Hygiene

It is important to monitor the elderly's diet and ensure that they are receiving a balanced and sufficient diet. Any dietary restrictions he may have due to health issues should also be considered.

You should also ensure that the elderly bathe or clean themselves as necessary, as well as help them with personal hygiene, such as shaving, brushing teeth, among others.


Daily life activities

Daily activities should be performed to maintain the elder's independence, such as exercise, reading, games, and other activities in which the elder may be interested.


Communication with families

The Centro de Día Principado is in constant contact with the families of our residents to inform them of everything related to their health.

Both the daily monitoring of our medical service, as well as its subsequent communication to family members, are a fundamental part of the process of caring for the elderly in our residence.