Gerontogymnastics, designed specifically for older adults, promotes mobility and well-being through adapted exercises. These gentle, personalized routines improve flexibility, balance and strength, contributing to active, healthy aging. By promoting socialization and comprehensive care, gerontogymnastics is an invaluable tool to maintain quality of life in the elderly.

Adaptation to age and ability

Gerontogym programs are designed specifically for seniors, taking into account any physical and health limitations they may have. The exercises are adapted to be safe and effective for this age group.


Low impact exercises

High-impact exercises can be harmful to older people's joints. Instead, low-impact exercises are used, such as walking, swimming, cycling, and strengthening exercises with light weights or resistance bands.


Individualized routines

Gerontogymnastics programs are usually designed individually or in small groups, taking into account the specific needs and limitations of each person.


Focus on general health

Gerontogym programs not only focus on physical exercise, but also on education about general health, nutrition and other aspects important to the well-being of older adults.